Saturday, March 01, 2008

Board Member of 1VCC

I am proud to announce I am the new Secretary on the Board of the 1 Voice Community Center here in Arizona. February 18 was my first official Board Meeting. I am looking forward to doing a lot of work for our community giving what I can. I encourage you to visit the 1VCC Web site at
There are many opportunities to help in the community and give back.

About the Center
A strong community of LGBT individuals living without fear, shame or isolation.
One Voice Community Center serves as a cultural focal point uniting LGBT individuals and reinvests in the community by providing vital educational, social and wellness programs.
The purpose of 1 Voice Community Center is to enhance the development of existing LGBT organizations while filling in the program niches missing within the LGBT community. In addition, develop coalitions among the diverse LGBT organizations to more effectively research, education, outreach, plan, fund raise and more for the things that affect our community.


Jess said...

I'm so excited to hear of the progress One Voice is making and brining you on board is Great! I'm sure your energy is appreciated!

I am speaking full-time now and often use my learning lessons from building that board in my trainings.

Hope you are well! Would love an update!

Anonymous said...

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