Sunday, September 20, 2009

From Swim Lessons

My child is a sea lion at EVO Swim School

Diamond in the Ruff

It was a day of mistakes, by me, and we were fairly hungry by the end of the line. We started off our trip to Sedona with a bolt in my tire. We detoured to Discount Tire where they fixed it and sent us on our way. We continued on to Sedona. On the outskirts the traffic started getting heavy. Stop and go all they in and out of Sedona. Never did find the Pride Festival. Although I thought I saw something. I made a user error with the GPS, too, and did not get what we wanted or the restaurant where I thought we could eat. So at this point. My daughter is fairly hungry as she did not like the Jamba Juice I got her for breakfast that morning. Via GPS I looked for the closest food place. We found something about honey, but it turned out to be a home that sold honey. Back at the 17 again I tried again. We followed the map to get to Jackson's Grill at the Springs. What a turn of good fortune! Very pleasant surroundings and atmosphere. Food was excellent and the service was superb. Chef Ray was fabulous. He taught us about Horseradish and helped stave off my daughters hunger with some homemade chips. She loved it. The waitress, Ashley, was great, too. I highly recommend this Diamond in the Ruff! Thanks to the GPS for coming up with something fabulous!