Friday, February 24, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

I find it quite interesting the need for some bisexuals to claim Brokeback as a “Bisexual Film”. Why not “Gay Cowboys”? In their day it was incredibly difficult for a Gay man to come out and live a completely different lifestyle. Just because the two men married and/or had relations with women does not make them bisexual. Did I say that? This coming from a woman who abhors labels! If we take a close look at the two characters, we could see Ennis as “Gay” and Jack as “Bi” or both as gay and one more determined than the other to “make normal work”. Jack wanted to live happily ever after with Ennis, but Ennis could not break out of the fear of breaking the normal mold that was instilled in him from a young age. Even at the end we see Ennis’ view of what he thinks happened to Jack; this view stemming from his childhood bias. Brokeback is a story of two men who fall in love in a small town, in a time and place such love is seen as perverted, not normal or crazy. Under those circumstances how does a relationship work and succeed? It did not work because they had been taught; their town and community had been taught to see such relationships as wrong. Why not love and relationships without labels? Why must society be critical of others who merely wish to love one another and live in peace?

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